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It's finally time to showcase this incredible couple. JP and Emily met me outside of Louisville at the beautiful Anchorage Trail where we all took a little stroll with my camera to document just a few moments of their love story. As I was looking through their engagement portraits, I began to think about how I've never really seen a couple quite like them before.

JP and Emily's relationship was hard for me to put into words, but I finally came to the conclusion that these two mess with each other like they're brother and sister, but they compliment and swoon over each other like it's their first date... all at the same time. It's honestly adorable. And, boy, does it make for some cute pictures.

Although their dynamic is entirely unique, I have complete faith in it. They're not married yet, but these two have already weathered so many storms together. It seems like all of the twists and turns in their lives have led them to a path that they can walk down together. How fitting for the scene of this session.

Thanks for trusting me to capture it all! I'm patiently counting down the days until you two are officially Mr. and Mrs.

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