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Last night, I sat alone in my car with my seat as far down as it would go. In true undercover fashion, I put on my shades and could just barely see over the steering wheel. I sat patiently, waiting for my sign. Finally the "Patty wagon" drove by and it was go-time.

Although I may have milked the whole "undercover" thing a little bit, it was still so much fun to secretly photograph Derek down on one knee in front of his love. Jenny, I hope you realize how much thought and time Derek put into making sure this proposal was perfect. And for this pilot's kid, the sky was truly the limit. Derek brought Jenny to the Clark Regional Airport after his dad "forgot" to shut the hangar door. Silly, John. But it all worked out because I just happened to be there with my camera all set up to shoot the proposal of an aviation-lover's dreams.

These two have perfectly synced senses of humor. As I stood in hiding, I could hear Jenny cracking up at a freshly-cracked Derek joke. The rest of the night, if Jenny wasn't laughing with her new fiancé, she was gawking at her ring. In fact the first thing she said after she realized I was there was, "Maggie! Have you seen this?!" Derek managed to pick out a ring as beautiful and unique as Jenny, and, you guys, it's OPAL! *heart eye emoji x5*

I dare you to show me something cuter. This giggling couple glowed in their new engagement bliss while they posed in the golden dusk lighting. The entire session had a soft warmth to it that made for some incredible shots out by the runway. Then the new fiancés cuddled up to a picnic of scones, berries, cakes, and sparkling grape juice. I never knew how much I needed a plane proposal in my portfolio, but man, am I in love with these images. Almost as much as Derek is in love with Jenny (and that seems to be quite a bit!)

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