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I love these milestone sessions because I have the opportunity to get acquainted with these little munchkins before they're even born. On the other hand, these milestone sessions make me so sad because in a matter of what feels like minutes, they go from kicking their momma's bellies to smashing cake in between their toes. Speaking of cake, the Shiremans have a lot to celebrate this month. Not only is it Hudsyn's birthday, but big sister Emersyn is turning five as well! So we took the opportunity to snap some shots of the whole family. As precious as the shots are that showcase Emersyn and Hudsyn's sweet bond, it was actually a lot easier to get images of Hudsyn by himself. Why? Because then we could set Emersyn next to the camera to play peek-a-boo. That kid sure loves his big sister!

I can't believe it's been a year since I met you all. Life goes by so fast it makes these memories that much more precious.

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