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You've probably heard of a "Mommy & Me" session, but how about a "Doggy & Me" session? Essentially the same, but with fur babies instead of human babies. Sisters Stephanie and Savannah decided to update the photos in their home, so they gathered all the members of their household (them, Ollie and Honey, that is) for a sunrise session.

Not only are these sisters best friends, but their respective canines are as well. Honey didn't want Ollie out of her sight and vice versa. The energy they all four gave early in the morning was so fun and so impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that Honey only got away once. Even MORE impressive is that despite her sudden freedom, she resisted the urge to dive into the nearby pond. A win all around, I'd say.

I'm happy I met you all! You were an absolute blast and worth every mosquito bite.

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