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If your Fall Family Pictures Pinterest board needs refreshing, you have come to the right blog. Please allow the Horton family to give you loads and loads of inspiration. If you know me at all, then you know your girl loves this time of year, so you can only guess that when I dream of my own family photos, I dream up something very similar to the Horton's session. The background, the outfits, the smiles... what more could you ask for?? (candy corn if you ask Naomi)

Steve and his beautiful bride Pam have created a family full of laughs and love. After (just a few) years of wedded bliss, they can boast two sons, two stunning daughters-in-law, two handsome grandsons, and two precious, spunky granddaughters. All that added together created an endless supply of picture-perfect moments for me to capture. You may wonder if these images were as easy to create as they look, and somehow with this clan, they really were. Not only were they willing, they were excited to showcase the love they have for each other! Even Titus and Levi were complete gentlemen, on and off camera, as they helped entertain Lydia and Naomi. I hope you boys know how much those little girls look up to you!

All I can say is thank you, Steve, Pam, Matthew, Rebeca, Jacob, Hannah, Titus, Levi, Lydia, and Naomi! I know how extremely difficult it is to juggle ten busy schedules, but I'm so glad we found an evening that worked because these are just *chef's kiss*

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