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I have five years of fall minis on this blog. So many beautiful families, couples, babies, and friends have met me in October for just a few short minutes to document that time in their journey. Literally thousands of images have been created through these mini sessions, but I have to say, this year is my favorite! Although, to be fair, I do say that every year. Probably because every year I get to meet new friends and spend time with repeat clients at the prettiest time of year. 2023 held up to expectations.

These backgrounds are so fall-forward and dreamy! The weather was, for the most part, incredible! We did get a little drizzly at the very end of the sessions on Saturday night, but we broke out the umbrellas and made the best of it. The models, as always, were perfect, and I feel so blessed to be able to serve each and every one of these sweet faces.

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