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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I've been to a few places in my life. I've seen some amazing cities and landscapes. From mountains to deserts to oceans, but there's nothing that tugs on my heartstrings more than the dream that is a midwestern fall in peak season. For my annual fall mini sessions this year, God painted the most perfect backgrounds to really showcase how beautiful the transition of the seasons are. All I had to do was bring the beautiful people to put in front of it!

This past weekend was one huge marathon of sessions and I feel so grateful. From my faithful, repeat clients to those I had never met before: I truly had so much fun with each and every one of you. Every couple, baby, fur baby, grandparent, laugh, smile, hug, and leaf that made up these images collectively created some of my favorites ever.

It's a long scroll, but it's worth it. Here's to another amazing fall season!

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