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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

It's already mid-October and Fall Mini Session Mania 2020 has officially begun! I am beyond excited to share my first batch of mini sessions with you. Saturday was a dream. The overcast sky created the most amazing, soft lighting. The families came giggling and perfectly willing to try any crazy idea I threw at them. As the sun set, the "golden hour" magic lit up my lens and the results took my breath away.

Pretty much a recipe for the photographer's perfect evening.

SO without further ado, please join me in swooning over some of my very favorite couples and fams!


The perfect kickoff to my marathon of sessions. Jason, Dianne, Gloria, Eden, Joseph, and Ava make up one of the strongest family units I know. Not only did I have the honor of photographing their family, we also got to celebrate the two newest additions to their clan: Miss Hazel (pictured below in the collar) and Baby Landmark who will be joining the crew next year.

Thank you all for being so incredibly fun and for making this session feel more like a party! I cannot wait to watch your sweet family grow!

Side note: the last image in their section is one of my all-time favorites, ever.


You guys! It's my newlyweds! Ya ever been around a couple and within just a few minutes, you can say to yourself, "They're the real deal."? Cameron and Cheyenne are one of those couples. They balance each other out in the most adorable of ways. Their interactions off-camera are just as pure and romantic as their images (refer to the candid of Cheyenne helping Cameron with his sweater).

Their mini session was one big celebration of their undeniable love for each other as they transition into their newest chapter of life together. Every stage is a blessing and I was elated to capture this one for Mr. & Mrs. Stickels!


I say it every single time, but these are my favorite images of my original model couple. Three years ago, these two high school sweethearts decided to spend forever together. Two years ago they said their vows, and today they are stronger than ever. A true love story that never ends. Shelby and Chris are not only in love, but they're kinda the very best of friends too. I just adore the way Chris looks at his bride! Even if Shelby stole the last of his hair gel...


The Cowherds are three-year mini session loyals, and I'm not sure how, but I think they get sweeter every year! The smiles, the hugs, the love... It was hard to choose my favorites! Michael and Corinne are two lovebirds happily raising the most polite youngsters ever. Their adorable family bond created the most perfect moments to photograph. The picture of Asher and his Daddy walking down a gravel road had me whistling the Andy Griffith theme in my head. So wholesome...

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