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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The wait is over! Another long week has come and gone, and this chilly October weekend brings you the second round of Mini Sessions! These families had to bundle up to beat the cold, but that made for some sweet, snuggly shots!

The Turner Family

You may recognize a familiar face in this first set of images *cough cough* (mine). Yep! This is the Turner family. The people responsible for raising the man of my dreams, and the absolute best Papaw, Mammy, and Uncle Bri that my baby could ask for. Landon is pretty crazy about them, and if it’s not clear from the pictures, the feelings are mutual. It’s not always the easiest thing to try and take your own family photos (shout-out to my Momma for doing a great job capturing the ones I was in), but it’s very worth it. I love these people and I love these memories!

The Gilstrap Family

Every time I photograph these kids, they get cuter. And, no, I’m not partial at all ;)

Sarah, Luci, Zander, and Easton met me bright and early for this sweet family session. I just love how Sarah looks like she’s leading around her little ducklings (see images below). Although it’s hardly fair to say that they’re little anymore! I’ve known all these kiddos literally from birth (Lu and Z are my siblings, if you didn’t know) and I cannot believe how grown up they all look in these images!

The Elston Family

I LOVE meeting new clients and Cody, Ricki, Jackson, and Lawson were no exception. Jackson is a great big brother! He was up to pose by himself or, his preference, with Lawson. He even took on babysitting while I snapped a quick shot of lovebirds Cody and Ricki. In the end, though, it was Mr. Lawson who stole the show. This baby smiled on command, loved his momma so much that he gave her a big, fat, open-mouthed kiss (the best kind), and he kept his daddy on his toes by enthusiastically tugging at his beard.

I’m so glad I had the pleasure of meeting you, Elstons! Y’all seriously could not be any cuter!

Jackson, Elise, and Asher Gray

This is the third time I’ve photographed Mr. Asher. Last time as a newborn and before that when he was still in his Momma’s tummy! And all three times have been an absolute joy! This handsome fella clearly has both his Dada and Momma smitten. And why wouldn’t they be? From his serious look, to his “Why are you kissing my cheek?” face, to his adorable little giggle…this baby is the perfect model!

Jackson and Elise, thank you for sharing your evening with me and for letting me hold your precious little nugget (seriously, anytime!).

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