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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

When I was a teenager, I always thought that I wanted little baby girls. The bows and frills seemed more attractive to me than the dirt and scrapes. In the years since then, I’ve watched my husband grow from a boy into a man, and I’ve decided that if I were ever blessed enough to have a child, even a little boy, that would be just fine with me. And now, as I sit here and type while my little Tater plays kickball in my belly, I can honestly say that I will be 100% happy with whatever God sees fit to give us. Spending an evening with this beautiful family of six in downtown Columbus only further reminded me that God always gives you exactly what you need.

Andrew and Sarah are celebrating 10 years of marriage and the four little boys that came thereafter. Yes- four! #famgoals, anyone?

Sarah (aka Super Mom) is also a nurse, but her most important job is taking care of her five babies. Andrew being the biggest baby of all, she kids. Despite all this, she still manages to show up to our session looking like a model.

Even though the Frazita clan is 83% boy, they couldn’t be more different! From looks to personalities, it amazes me how unique one brother is from the next. Even the youngest of the troop, little Ben, is starting to show his own personality. He recently turned six months old and this was celebrated by several cuddles and kisses from his adoring older brothers. Not only is he “the most loved baby in the world”, but he is also one of the happiest! One thing is for sure: he’s got a lot of fun and playful years ahead of him!

Andrew, Sarah, Brayden, Parker, Jacob & Ben,

Thanks so much for spending yet another hour of your busy lives with me! Some of my favorite images are of you all just being yourselves and I hope they’re the ones you’ll look back on years from now!

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