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I knew taking portraits of these two would be a tall order.

I'm sorry. That was a terrible way for me to say how jealous I am of this couple's height. But in complete seriousness, I had the honor of seeing these two together before and I knew that their love was something that deserved to be captured in the best possible way. The way they interact, even when they don't think anyone is watching, it's more beautiful than what can be caught on camera, but I was sure going to try and give them just a few snaps that lived up to the sparks between them. No pressure, right?

Ben and Shelby are getting married this year and they both have that in-love glow. Sometimes, you can see the stresses of an approaching wedding day weigh heavily on a couple. I totally get it! Creating and planning for the perfect day takes a whole lot out of you. But sometimes, you get couples like Ben and Shelby and it seems like the closer they get to becoming Mr. & Mrs., the more lighthearted they become. It's like no matter what happens, as long as they're together, they're happy.

And then you add the puppies and it's truly just all too much adorableness to take in one blog post.

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