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Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Every time my son sees me editing, he always asks who the people are. I always give him the same answer.

Those are my friends.

On Sunday, I had Anna & Tyler's session pulled up in the car and he asked, "Mommy, are those your friends?'

"Yes. In fact, Anna told me that we were friends at the end of the session."

My husband raises his eyebrow.

"No, I'm serious. I told them I had made a lot of great friends doing photography and she told me that now I was her friend too." And that's exactly how I feel after spending just a very short time with these two. They really make you feel like you've known them your entire life.

They are the sweetest people and it was so fun to capture their bond and to celebrate their engagement! After four years, these love birds are tying the knot and I don't know if there were ever two people more excited. Thank you for trusting me and for letting your personalities shine through these images. It truly makes them that much more magical.

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