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After last week's photography mania, I thought I was finished with Christmas sessions. Boy, was I wrong. When I booked this session, I knew it would be the grand finale to TAL's holiday season, but I wasn't prepared for just how grand this finale would be. Not only was it another family Christmas session, it was a photography career highlight.

I got to photograph the one...

the only...

(brace yourself)

Santa Claus!

and his beautiful Mrs. Claus

and their adorable family! Talk about Christmas cheer. This session was jam packed with all the warmfuzzies that the season brings. Did you know Santa's Elves are actually his grandchildren? Don't believe me? Proof below...

The best part of this session wasn't even the way Santa looked at Mrs. Claus. It wasn't even the matching pajamas and festive hats. It wasn't even the twinkle in Santa's eye as he gave my camera a wink. As magical as this session was, the very best part was the obvious and abundant love this family has for one another. So much encouragement, so many compliments, so so so much love. As Jimmy came up to take his turn next to his Mamaw for a picture, he wrapped his arm around her and said, "I love you."

She gave him a kiss and said, "I love you too."

I'm not crying, you're crying...

I gotta admit: when I woke up yesterday, I sure didn't have a lot of cheer. My baby had suddenly stopped sleeping through the night. We're grieving a loss in the family. I'm behind on Christmas and grocery shopping. I was tried, stressed, grumpy, and honestly just kind of down. But I charged my camera batteries and headed out to do this session. After spending an hour with this amazing family, I got back in my car and realized that my whole mood had changed. I was smiling. I was excited. And I'm grateful. Thank you, Wimsatts, for brightening my day.

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