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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

POP QUIZ: What is the last name of the Royal Family?

Go ahead, guess...

Did you say Windsor? Maybe even Mountbatten?

It's actually Laryea.

All the way from London, the posh-est (yes, that's a word now) family I know came to visit. Seriously, Kate and Wills have nothing on this sharp-dressed bunch. During their busy tour of Southern Indiana, they had just enough time for a mini-mini session. Although an old country church in the middle of nowhere is a far cry from the busy London streets, they had no trouble making it look like a million bucks.

Erasmus and Gina are the proud parents of five of the greatest kids I know. Big sis Britney is currently studying law in the U.K. Syjil is 16 going on 35. Chelsea looks like a mini business woman (check out that killer smile!). Philbert is the comedic glue that keeps this family laughing. And Poshia (she literally has Posh in her name) is sweeter than all of the American candy she tried last week.

Put all that together and you have one picture-perfect family! Even though we were limited on time and location, it wasn't hard to get a few awesome headshots. They made my job beyond easy!

Laryeas, we miss already! Thank you for sharing your amazing smiles with my camera. Until we meet again!

God bless you all!

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