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These smiling faces + the best color scheme + a bit of Christmas flair = the perfect family session.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love photographing couples, and this family had three sets of adorable lovebirds. But it's pretty clear to see that the star of this show is little Mr. Bradley Reed (a.k.a. Bean). This no-nonsense, classic rock-loving, shoe-losing boy graced my camera with his piercing eyes and curly hair. Even though he was a bit confused as to why I was crashing his family's party, I could have chased him around with my camera all day. (bonus: he actually looked at the camera 98% of the time! A stark contrast to the session I tried to have with my baby the day before...)

I love the subtle details in this shoot. From Angie's sweet necklace, to the French-braided man bun, to the way Emily's nails perfectly match her dress. But let's be honest: this family could have showed up in their pajamas and they still would have been adorable!

A huge thanks to you all for being such a joyful family. Your all's warm smiles completely hid the fact that it was super chilly.

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