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I would say, "Allow me to introduce you to the Stickels family," but chances are, if you've followed the TAL blog at all, you've probably already been introduced to them. The Stickels are some of my most seasoned and faithful clients. I had the absolute privilege to photograph Cheyenne and Cameron's proposal and then wedding (still one of my very favorites to this day) and since then, I've photographed this family more times than I could probably link.

This time was so special, though! Kelly and Jeff invited me to their beautiful property to snap some shots of their ever-growing clan. Kelly told me that gardening was her "therapy" and it just amazed me as I walked around the never-ending rows of lush greens and flowers thinking about the mint plant I just threw away. I'm not sure what color my thumb is, but I know for sure it's not green. Kelly, on the other hand, is like a little Mother Nature. Oh well, I guess if I can't grow my own garden, I can at least photograph her's!

This sweet family has grown since the last time I've seen them all together. Isaac, Hendrix, Lexie, and Ellie will now be in the official Stickels family portrait and they are all just as photogenic as the rest of them! Hey, this is only getting better and better for me! The more Stickels the merrier.

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family once again and making me feel like a part of it! I can't get over the shot of Lennon and Hendrix. Those kids really know how to pose, I tell ya.

Til next time, Stickels!

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