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If you're on the fence about where to have your next session, I have the solution for you. Can't choose between a downtown scene or a field? Do you love the "concrete jungle" feel, but want to feel the grass on your toes too? Into wildflowers and sidewalks at the same time? How about I meet you at this dreamy downtown Columbus location? Be warned, though, you'll have a tough act to follow.

Kelsey and Andy absolutely lit up my viewfinder with the most incredible images. Grayson even popped in for a few snaps and took the entire session to the next level. The kid is 5 going on 30. And the blonde curls? C'mon. I can't handle it.

Then when Grayson was all done and went to entertain himself like the small adult that he is, I got to spend some time with Kelsey and Andy celebrating their love and very soon-to-be marriage! These two have it figured out. They're so comfortable with each other. They're experts at those quiet, tender moments that were magical to capture. And they both have perfect skin. What more can a photographing girl ask for??

You three made my job so easy. I'm so pumped for the big day.

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