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WHAT a way to start the week! On Monday evening, I met with Courtney and Daniel at the absolutely breathtaking Land O' Goshen Farm Event Center for the engagement session of my dreams. This couple, this lighting, this place! I followed the future Mr. & Mrs. Murphy through rows of trees, along fence lines, next to a pond, and in front of a historic mansion. The possibilities were endless with this couple and this setting. I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait an entire year to photograph your big day!

Aside from being downright adorable, Courtney and Daniel are the total package. Sometimes I get to photograph couples who prove the phrase, "opposites attract", but every once in a while, I watch a couple interact for a short hour or two and it's like I'm watching the same soul in two bodies. Courtney and Daniel have that kind of magic. They're both so calm, easy-going, and bubbly. They have the same sense of humor. They like the same things and they want to share the same future. To top it all, they both have some of the most piercing eyes I've ever photographed.

Sometimes, couples thrive because their energies and personalities parallel each other enough to create a balance. And sometimes, like Courtney and Daniel, they're already on the same wavelength. No balance required. It's beautiful to watch, really. But enough about how beautiful they are on the inside, can we talk about how picture-perfect these two are on the outside?! Hearts were bursting out of my eyes looking through these images. I really don't know if there was a bad one. Courtney tried to act like she wasn't good at being in front of the camera. *psssh* Maybe being with your soulmate makes it easier, but as far as I'm concerned, I could photograph you two all day.

So happy for you both! Already dreaming about 9-24-22

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