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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Life has been nothing short of crazy lately. Which means we've unfortunately had to put off celebrating this guy's graduation. But last night I had the privilege of shooting a session with all the things that make Chris...Chris! Christopher's many loves extend to: trains, Mario, Monopoly, and puns. His inquisitive mind kept me on my toes asking all about my camera (a few questions I didn't even know!)

I loved the challenge of getting him to laugh, one I'm proud to say I finally won. For which he gave me a few "pun"ishments in the form of his favorite jokes! And despite all of his many interests and hobbies, this thoughtful guy wanted to spend the last minutes of our session honoring his late Grandpa who he is "very sad" to have lost.

Chris, you're a very special young man! I hope you know that their are many people who are proud of you- and I know your Grandpa would be as well!

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