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May is always the craziest month of the year, calendar-wise. But the good thing is, it's jam-packed with celebrations. Birthdays, weddings, big games, concerts...although it's busy, May also helps me remember to enjoy all of the milestones in life. And today, we celebrate two graduates on the TAL blog.

Bentley walked through the halls of Austin High School as a student for the last time on Friday, and he had an entire army of supporters who were beyond excited and proud of him. But he wasn't the only one in his household to celebrate. His little brother, Rhett, joined in a couple of snaps to document his Kindergarten graduation. Believe it or not, I have vivid memories of graduating kindergarten and I recall it being just as chaotic and fun as high school.

Congrats to both Bentley and Rhett! These moments truly are once-in-a-lifetime, so soak it all in while you can. Whatever you're celebrating on this fine May afternoon, remember to enjoy every little milestone.

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