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I promise you I didn't take these images last summer and wait until now to post. Although the Clem family made it look like a bright, sunny Indiana day, these were actually taken on Saturday. When it was about 30 degrees. Even though they were bundling up between poses, the chilly air was no match for their warm smiles.

Their session would definitely be in the top 5 of "most giggles caught on camera". The moments captured between this family are not only super adorable, but 100% authentic. They're comfortable with each other and they make each other laugh. It's honestly kind of a crime that they don't have family pictures taken every few months or so because every single pose was perfect.

Not only did I get to witness some adorable family time, but we also snuck in some snuggly couples poses. I mean, look at the way Brent and Derek look at their ladies. And the dock makes these images next level. Thank you all so much for the fun evening and incredible shots. It was honestly kind of like therapy for me. I love being behind the camera and you four are shining examples of why.

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