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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

If any of these faces look familiar, it's because you've probably seen a blog about this sweet family before. I've had the pleasure of documenting their journey since before the youngest Frazita brother was even born!

And now Brayden, Parker, Jacob, and Benjamin outnumber their parents 2:1. Sound like a TLC reality show? Nope! Just a normal day at the Frazita household. Despite the constant energy, Sarah and Andrew have become ringmasters over their very own circus filled with silly faces, Bakugans, dirt, giggles, curious little hands, and lots of love.

I love photographing weddings, there's nothing else like it. To capture special moments on the most important day of someone's life...

But that's the thing: a wedding is only for a day. A marriage, a home, a family: that's the good stuff. I'm not sure if bubbles and gummies were on Sarah and Andrew's minds when they said, "I do." But I think the every day life of growing a family is just as beautiful as a wedding day.

So here's to cherishing every "stop that!" and "put that down!" because just like a wedding day, these days will be over before we know it.

Thanks for making it look so easy, Frazitas!

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