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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I've been a busy, little, photographing beaver this week! Not much I'd rather do than spend time with so many wonderful people, capturing their memories!

The grand finale to this week's session-marathon was the perfect celebration of the soon arrival of Miss Tatum.

Kelsie, Ethan, and big brother Jaxon are counting down the days until they are a family of four. So to pass the time, why not get all dolled up and document that growing belly!?

This may be the dreamiest session I've ever done. Kelsie standing in front of the stately Lanier Mansion looks like a modern Jane Austen scene. Dreeeeeamy.

And can we all take a second to appreciate the magic that is Kelsie's hair + golden hour? (See image with gate for reference) I don't think there's any arguing that this Momma is the epitome of glowing. Even passers-by stopped and told her how beautiful she was!

Ethan, aka Super Dad, literally climbed a mountain to entertain Jaxon.

...ok, so maybe it was just a really large, steep hill, but still very difficult nonetheless...

Kelsie & Ethan, it's obvious that you two were born to be amazing parents. And I know Mr. Jaxon will be the perfect big brother- look out, future boyfriends of Tatum!

I absolutely cannot wait to see the three of you with your little princess. If she ends up inheriting that amazing red hair gene, I seriously don't know what I'll do...

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